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Ouroboros Spin Ring

Ouroboros Spin Ring

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Ouroboros Spin Ring

Ouroboros Spin Ring

Regular price $39.99
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Oxidized Silver Ouroboros Spin Ring


Type Fidget Ring
Material Oxidized Silver & Gemstone / Diamond
Inspiration Hognose Snake
#7 Innner Diameter: 0.68" / 17.3mm
width: 0.21" / 5.34mm
Thin: 0.18" / 4.75mm
Weight: 0.26oz / 7.4g
#8 Innner Diameter: 0.71" / 18.2mm
width: 0.22" / 5.65mm
Thin: 0.2" / 5.14mm
Weight: 0.34oz / 9.8g
#9 Innner Diameter: 0.74" / 18.95mm
width: 0.22" / 5.79mm
Thin: 0.2" / 5.16mm
Weight: 0.36oz / 10.4g
#10 Innner Diameter: 0.77" / 19.6mm
width: 0.24" / 6.11mm
Thin: 0.2" / 5.23mm
Weight: 0.37oz / 10.6g
#11 Innner Diameter: 0.81" / 20.6mm
width: 0.25" / 6.4mm
Thin: 0.2" / 5.27mm
Weight: 0.44oz / 12.7g


Introducing the Ouroboros Spin Ring, where the timeless symbol of the Ouroboros converges with the elegance of a ring, creating an infinite loop that encapsulates cycles, infinity, and eternity. The Ouroboros, often interpreted as a representation of the ceaseless flow of time without a defined beginning or end, comes to life in this unique piece, offering wearers a perpetual connection to the eternal.

Witness mythological scenes reborn through unparalleled structural redesign, an achievement that sets our ring apart on a global scale. Beyond its symbolism, this ring offers an engaging and stress-relieving experience with its smooth rotation—a testament to intricate craftsmanship. Achieving this precision is a meticulous process involving direct 3D printing for casting, CNC machine cutting, and the installation of a ceramic bead at the ring's core.

The charming twist of the Hognose Snake, a beloved pet, taking on the form of the Ouroboros adds an intriguing layer. In reality, Hognose Snakes are known to bite their tails, and our design captures this playful behavior. A specially designed balance ensures that the head of the Hognose Snake consistently rests atop the ring after each rotation. Customization options extend to the snake's body and eyes, allowing for a personalized touch with different materials.

Designed for EDC enthusiasts, Hognose Snake aficionados, and those drawn to the profound symbolism of the Ouroboros, this spin ring is an invitation to daily wear. Elevate your style and keep intrigue at your fingertips by incorporating the therapeutic act of rotating the ring into your daily routine. Crafted for those who appreciate the allure of Ouroboros rings and bracelets, the Ouroboros Spin Ring is an embodiment of style, symbolism, and perpetual motion.

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