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Seurico™ Presbyopia Eye Drops

Seurico™ Presbyopia Eye Drops

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Supports vision improvement, nourishes cells, enhances eye health

🌿Reduces stress, prevents age-related eye diseases, improves clarity

🔬Clinically proven, over 100,000 people regained visual independence

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Seurico™ Presbyopia Eye Drops

Seurico™ Presbyopia Eye Drops

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  • Macular Degeneration

    11 Million Americans


    For those aged 55 and older

  • Glaucoma

    3 Million Americans


    For those aged 55 and older

  • Cataracts

    25 Million Americans

    9,000+ SURGERIES

    Performed Daily in the U.S.


    As we get older, our eyes can be harmed by various factors like poor nutrition for our cells, reduced blood flow, and exposure to blue light from the sun, computers, phones, and LED lights. These factors weaken and damage the cells and tissues in our eyes, causing the macula pigment to degrade and the gel-like vitreous to become more like liquid over time.

    When the gel-like vitreous becomes more liquid, it releases small bits of debris made up of dead protein and enzymes called “Floaters.” These floaters float around inside our eyes and eventually come into contact with each other, forming larger clumps of debris. These clumps then settle somewhere in the eyes and slowly gather more debris, causing them to spread across the surface. These clumps restrict the cells’ access to oxygen and nutrients, leading to suffocation and injury. This process also increases inflammation, creating an acidic and toxic environment that results in oxidative stress. As a result, our vision gradually declines over time.

    The combination of oxidative stress, poor nutrition, and cellular debris gives rise to various age-related eye conditions such as vision decline, cloudiness in the lenses, clogged drainage, dry eyes, retina detachment, and even blindness.



    When you address the root cause of age-related vision decline, the symptoms will go away!Seurico™ Eye Drops equips you with the latest stem cell bioscience combined with breakthrough nanotechnology to create a super-concentrated liquid Nanoformula proven by clinical studies toactivate Adult Repair Stem Cells in eyes regardless of your age.


    Aging cells in your eyes will be repaired, nourished, and detoxed with the help of our proprietary combination of 24 naturally occurring eye-specific nutrients, carotenoids, anthocyanin, antioxidants, trace minerals, and vitamins to form a super-concentrated liquid that goes underneath your eyes for immediate 100% bioavailability and absorption.

      • Cellular Nourishment

        Strengthen and nourish cells and tissues in your eyes so they can thrive regardless of your age or condition.

      • Cellular Detoxification

        Detox your eyes of years of cellular debris build-up that interferes with the systems and functions of your eyes.

      • Cellular Bioavailability

        Nanoparticles are so small they easily pass through the outer membrane of a cell and quickly get to work.


        The real-life story behind the breakthrough product that bringsNEW HOPEto everyone who is suffering from vision decline due to age-related eye diseases…

        • June O.

          South Dakota, USA

        • Nancy G.

          Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

        • Melody Y.

          Washington State, USA

            Fight for Your Sight

            Made in the USA

            Certified Manufacturing Practices

            Registered Facility & Manufacturer

            Florida State Business Development


            Each Is Proven By Clinical Studies

            Clinical Studies from top institutions have proven that nutrient-rich supplements containing all-natural nutrients, antioxidants, carotenoids, anthocyanin, vitamins, and trace minerals promote cellular repair and improve macular pigment in your eyes.

            100% PLANT-BASED

            Due to its botanical nature, the color, taste, and aroma will vary from batch to batch depending on the harvest season.
            Although the batch will vary, the formula and the 24 Naturally Occurring ingredients will not change.

            • N ACETYLCYSTEINE

              NAC serves as a precursor of cysteine and stimulatesthe synthesis of glutathione in neural cells.Suppressing oxidative stress in the retina may bean effective therapeutic strategy for glaucoma, achronic neurodegenerative disease of the retinalganglion cells and optic nerves

            • QUERCETIN

              Numerous in vitro studies and animal models haveshown that the antioxidant and chelating properties ofquercetin can protect the lens from oxidativedamage and prevent the occurrence of cataracts.Quercetin increased choroidal blood flow, tear volume.and goblet cell density.

            • RESVERATROL

              Resveratrol may be effective in the microcirculation of the eye, thereby helping prevent ocular diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma demonstrated to have anti-oxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-tumourigenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-angiogenic and vasorelaxant properties

            • L-CARNITINE

              In patients with age-related maculardegeneration(AMD)L-Carnitine improved fourparameters of visual function, including visual fieldmean defect, visual acuity, foveal sensitivity, andocular fundus alterations.

            • ASTAXANTHIN

              Prevent dry eyes. Reduce eye strain and fatigue.Increase blood flow to eye tissues. Prevent eyefatigue (asthenopia) Increase the ability to view finedetail (visual acuity) slow age-related symptoms.Decrease blurred vision and improve focus,

            • SPIRULINA

              Spirulina contains the highest concentration ofZEAXANTHIN, an important nutrient linked to eyehealth. As such, spirulina may help reduce the risk ofcataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Alsofound in Zebrafish which self-repair eyes.

            • OMEGA-3(FLAX SEED)

              Omega-3 fatty acids also help ward off many eyediseases and help treat dry eye syndrome. Studiesshow consuming omega-3 fatty acids, whether infoods you eat or in a supplement, may help reduceyour risk of developing macular degeneration and

            • BLADDERWRACK

              Researchers found that Bladderwrack (fucoidan) maybe effective against age-related wet maculardegeneration because it strengthens the capillariesand reduces extraneous blood vessel growth wherecells have not been receiving enough oxygen.

            • GRAPE SEED

              Grape seed may help with a type of poor circulation(chronic venous insufficiency) and high cholesterol.Grape seed also reduces swelling caused by injuryand helps with eye disease related todiabetes. Grape seed protects human lens cells fromreactive oxygen species (ROS)

            • CURCUMIN

              Has restorative benefits for the photoreceptors in youreyes. The Anti-Oxidant Properties Of Curcuminbenefit eye health and help to lessen the oxidativestress related to Ocular surface issues (occasionaldry eye) and age-related eye health issues.

            • Zeaxanthin

              Zeaxanthin is a carotenoid molecule found in the cellsof your eyes. lt has potent antioxidant properties andis linked to several health benefits, such as reducingthe risk of age-related macular degeneration,glaucoma, and cataracts.

            • LUTEIN

              Reduces cell loss and death related to eyedisease. Suppress inflammation. Defend against freeradicals and oxidative stress. Enhance sharpness,Improve your visual contrast. Protect eye tissue fromsunlight and blue light damage.

            • GINKGO BILOBA

              Ginkgo has high flavonoid and terpenoid levels, recognized for powerful antioxidant effects. Aids in combatting inflammation and infections. Enhances intraocular oxygen and controls eye blood flow and pressure.

            • MORINGA

              Flavonoids from Moringa were found to prevent and stop the development of cataracts. May protect against eye inflammation and infections. Contains high antioxidant levels. May stop the dilation of retinal vessels, and prevent and inhibit retinal dysfunction.

            • SHILAJIT

              Fulvic acid, one of the key compounds in shilajit, acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. As such, it may help reduce free radicals and cellular damage in the eyes, which are two key factors in aging and age-related diseases.

            • EYEBRIGHT

              Eyebright contains vitamins A, B, C, and E, which all have eye-nourishing properties. Vitamin B-1 found in eyebright is crucial for intracellular eye metabolism. Zinc, selenium, and copper help contribute to healthy retinas and lenses, while rutin offers nutritional support to the eyes.

            • SAFFRON

              Studies demonstrated that saffron can increase blood flow to the retina, protect it from photo-oxidative damage, and help restore and improve visual performance. Significantly improve visual acuity in people with early-stage eye diseases.

            • BLUEBERRY

              Anthocyanins in berries contribute to eye health and are a preventive functional food for the prevention of retinal diseases. Blueberry polyphenols have retinal protective activity against UV radiation and blue light-induced retinal injury in the eyes.

            • COPPER CHELATED

              Copper has a variety of health benefits, including improving eye health and helping to inhibit the progression of advanced age-related macular degeneration. Copper, acting as an antioxidant, encourages the development of flexible connective tissue for proper eye structure.

            • BILBERRY

              Rich in antioxidants known as anthocyanins and polyphenols, which are beneficial plant compounds that help protect your eyes against oxidative damage and disease. May improve vision in people with glaucoma, cataracts, and AMD, and reduce eye fatigue and dryness.

            • CHELATED ZINC

              Zinc is a mineral that helps maintain the health of the retina, cell membranes, and protein structure of the eye. Zinc allows vitamin A to travel from the liver to the retina to produce melanin. Melanin helps protect the eyes from oxidative stress caused by UV blue light.

            • VITAMIN A(PALMITATE)

              One of the most important benefits vitamin A has for our eyes is reducing the risk of macular degeneration and vision loss. It also boosts the immune system, helping soothe eye inflammation and decreasing our chance of developing eye infections.

            • VITAMIN C(CAMU CAMU)

              Vitamin C forms collagen, a protein that provides structure to your eyes. Observational studies suggest that vitamin C may protect against cataracts and help prevent the progression of Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

            • VITAMIN E(D-ALPHA)

              Vitamin E, (D-Alpha) a natural antioxidant, may help protect your eyes against damaging free radicals. It’s used in AREDS as a potential treatment for AMD, and high amounts in your diet may reduce the risk of cataracts.

              How Long Does It Take?

              It took years of toxic buildup, poor ocular blood circulation, and ocular malnutrition to cause your age-related vision decline, it’s going to take commitment and consistency to combat the vision decline caused by Oxidative Stress in your eyes.

              The Ananeoo Eye & Macular Nano-Formula is a comprehensive blend of eye-specific nutrients, carotenoids, anthocyanin, antioxidants, trace minerals, and vitamins formulated to nourish, cleanse, and safeguard the cells and tissues in the eyes.

              This is a natural treatment 90 day course that can be used intermittently. For instance, administer a use every 12 hours consistently for 90 days. Subsequently, pause and consult your ophthalmologist for an assessment, as they are acquainted with your specific vision decline and possess the necessary tools to identify and measure improvement at a cellular level. Following the consultation, you may opt to continue with another 90-day regimen based on your desired outcome.

              Each individual’s situation is unique, with different conditions and degrees of vision decline. Therefore, the results and timeline of improvement vary from person to person.

              Frequently Asked Questions


              What is Ananeoo Eye & Macular Nanoformula?

              Ananeoo Eye & Macular is scientifically designed super-concentrated drops that flood your eyes with cellular repair-giving nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, carotenoids, and minerals. Each ingredient is backed by clinical studies.


              Since it’s all-natural, will there be a difference in quality?

              Due to its botanical nature, the color, taste, and aroma will vary from batch to batch depending on the harvest season. Although the batch will vary, the formula and the 24 Naturally Occurring ingredients will not change!


              How long must I wait to see improvements?

              This is a great question, but a very difficult question to answer because, in the beginning, all improvement will occur at a cellular level. You will not “feel” or “see” your malnourished cells get nourished and strengthened. You also cannot tell when an injured cell is repaired and made whole. These all must first occur before you can begin to “see” an improvement. That is why it is important to have your eye doctor examine your eyes. He is familiar with your condition and has the equipment needed to identify and measure improvement at a cellular.

              Another aspect to consider is none of us have the same level and degree of oxidative stress causing our vision to decline as we age. Our biochemistry and nutritional levels are very different from individual to individual. In addition, the amount of cellular injury caused by exposure to blue light is very different as well.
              The fact is, it took years of toxic buildup, due to a combination of poor ocular blood circulation, ocular malnutrition, and exposure to blue light to cause your age-related vision decline, it’s going to take your commitment and “consistency” to combat your symptoms.

              Ananēoō Wellness offers you an all-natural approach to your ocular health and recommends a 3-month supply of Eye & Macular Nanoformula for initial tissue saturation and detoxification. Start fighting back for your sight with 90 days of micro-dosing every 12 hours. The consistency will establish a great foundation for the cells in your eyes to thrive.

              After 90 days, we strongly recommend you visit your eye doctor to identify changes and measure the improvement. Continued monthly use for additional progress may be needed since some of us are at an early stage and others are in the Intermediate and late stages.

              The conditions and stages of age-related vision decline vary from Individual to individual, so your results and timeline will vary as well. Give yourself the necessary time your eyes need to get better.

              Conditions and timelines may vary, but the improvement to your eye health begins the moment our potent super-concentrated liquid is placed under your tongue and enters your bloodstream to work for you!


              What if I am taking medication for my condition or recently had eye surgery?

              Ananeoo Eye & Macular Nanoformula is composed of naturally occurring ingredients, without any sugar, artificial coloring, or flavoring. It can be extremely beneficial to take in addition to medication for age-related eye diseases, as well as post-eye surgery for additional cellular health support.

              We encourage everyone to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider to make informed decisions about their health. When using nutritional supplements, please consult with your physician if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition


              Does this have synthetics, chemical additives, artificial flavoring, and coloring?

              This product is all-natural. It doesn’t contain synthetic ingredients, chemical additives, or artificial flavoring and coloring.


              Does this contain sweeteners or sugar?

              This product is all-natural. It doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or sugar. We useLo Han(Monk Fruit) as a naturally occurring sweetener. It is 100% Pure, Natural, and Non-GMO. Its main component is“Mogrosides“.Clinical Studies show that Mogrosides have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s been proven to have“anticarcinogenic”properties. It’s generally safe for those with diabetes because itdoesn’t increase blood sugar.


              Is this product Gluten-Free?

              This product is soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. It is for men and women to support improved eye and macular health.


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              Who is this product for?

              • Anyone who is diagnosed with an age-related eye disease.
              • Anyone who wants to prevent age-related eye diseases in the future.
              • Adults over 40 who have health or work issues may be particularly at risk for developing eye and vision problems.
              • Chronic, systemic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
              • A family history of glaucoma or macular degeneration.
              • A highly visually demanding job or work in an eye-hazardous occupation.
              • Health conditions related to high cholesterol, thyroid, anxiety or depression, and arthritis for which you take medications.
              • Many medications, even antihistamines, have vision side effects.

              We must be proactive by providing our eyes with a super-boost of eye-specific nutrition so our eyes can thrive as we age!


              Is this product supported by research or clinical studies?

              Seurico™ Presbyopia Eye Drops is made of all-natural ingredients that are safe, effective, and backed by verifiable research publications from highly recognized institutions such as the NIH-National Institutes of Health; National Eye Institute; Harvard Medical School; Mayo Clinic; Johns Hopkins; JCBN-Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition; JAMA-Ophthalmology; All About Vision; and many others.


              Do you offer a guarantee?

              Everyone is different and has a different level of vision decline with different reasons that are causing the decline. For example, I am not familiar with your condition or if you are in an early, intermediate, or late stage, or whether it is in fact an age-related issue or induced by another disease such as Diabetes, Central Retinal Vein Occlusion (CRVO), Stargardt Disease, and Fuchs’ or Sjögren’s Syndromes, or many more.

              There are all types of people purchasing theSeurico™ Presbyopia Eye Drops with all types of eye issues, each at very different levels of vision decline. It is impossible to set a standard 30, 60, or 90-day money-back guarantee because 90 days may be enough for someone at an early stage but may not be enough time for someone at a late stage. Not to mention if the customer is a diabetic which restricts the oxygen and nutrient levels to the eyes. This accelerated vision decline will need a long-term commitment to subsidize the oxygen and nutrients that are not reaching the eyes.

              As you see, there are too many factors to set a standard date and timeline for everyone. Examples of differences and timelines are infinite. That’s why Doctors don’t offer a money-back guarantee on the timeline of their treatment. Pharmaceutical companies also do not offer a money-back guarantee on the timeline for their treatment. The fact is people are very different, conditions are different which is the reason why timelines will vary.


              What is your return policy?

              Refunds will only be issued for returns of products that were:

              • Purchased within 30 days from the purchase date,
              • Still, retain their original factory seal,
              • The Company must be notified of the Return by contacting
              • The carrier name and tracking number for the Return must be provided to the Company in order to qualify for the refund,
              • Remain in factory-quality condition as determined by the Company.

              No refunds will be issued for a partially used product or product that appears to be handled, opened, or tampered with.